The Tech-iest way to Free Coffee!

11 Apr , 2017  

Ready for that afternoon cup of joe?  Tech-enabled payments are everywhere, and we just had a love-fest for Starbucks and its innovation on the mobile front.

Well, here we go again because now you can send Starbuck Gifts with iMessage with Apple Pay.

Just like emojis and photos are available within your iMessage app to send easily when texting your friends, now you can just as easily send a caffeinated treat!  And, through next Sunday (4/23/17), the first 45,000 iMessagers to gift $5 to a friend get a $5 Starbucks reward back!
Step-by-step instructions can be found HERE, and the whole process takes less then 2 minutes.  Plus, your friends will be impressed with your techy knowledge when you are the first to iMessage them a gift!
Hurry up and send because once the 45,000 gifts are redeemed, the chance to get the extra $5 reward is gone.  But even after that time, you can still gift your friends through iMessage.
That is, if you are feeling extra nice.

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