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The app-friendly way to caffeinate your Manic Monday

27 Mar , 2017  

Somethings get better with time: wine, a great leather jacket, George Clooney.  The best apps work like this too, and the Starbucks App just keeps getting better and better.

Heading into work this morning, I was a wee bit late and the mobile ordering on the app basically saved my life.  It made me think about just how awesome the app is and how it has been gradually improving my daily routines.  I’ll double down on the mobile ordering example because the app has updated to allow saving favorite beverages on their own screen, which makes it so simple to order that I can do it even with a pre-caffeinated brain!

I also love the mini games within the app.  Starbucks Bingo gives me freebies all the time and the Star Dash incentivizes me to try new things or rewards me for getting my faves!

With all these benefits, it is not wonder that the Starbucks App has been heralded by tech insiders for having the strongest customer usage in any industry.  A huge percentage of Starbucks customers not only have the app, but use it on a regular basis.  This can’t be said of too many other companies.

Geez, I wish Starbucks would give me some extra stars or drinks for writing such a glowing review!  It would help my manic Monday!  Do you use the app as much as I do?  What do you think of it?



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