Winning SXSW Apps

14 Mar , 2014  

South by Southwest (or SXSW as known to anyone cool) has been in full swing and the apps that are featured there are really exciting.
Last weekend, winners of the SXSW Accelerator Awards were announced, highlighting the most promising apps at the Conference.  If you missed the main announcement, never fear!  We have a recap of the winners for you below.  Hundreds of applicants into the Accelerator were narrowed down to less than 50 finalists, 18 semi finalists and finally, these 6 winners

Waygo lets users get instant English translations from difficult to learn languages even without internet connection!  Have you ever been at an awesome restaurant, for instance, and wanted to read a menu of Chinese or Japanese characters?  Just wave your phone with Waygo app over the characters and it’s like you have a translator with you! This was the first place winner of the whole competition.  I predict this is going to be a winner with a lot of us.
Additional winners included:
ThriveOn delivers on-demand mental health care covering issues like stress, body image, sleep and anxiety. Users can be paired with a mental health professional or assess their mental health right through the app with a series of personalized programs based on methodologies used in clinical psychology.
If you have ever sent a video to a friend and wondered how they reacted to it, Samba.me is the answer!  The app records reactions when a video is watched and then sends that recording back to whoever initially sent the video.  Watch your friend be freaked out, inspired, or laugh uncontrollably at your favorite video.
While not an app, Skully Helmets was in a very popular category at this year’s SXSW; wearables.  It is a motorcycle helmet with built in tech features such as rear view cameras, directions and weather updates.
We’ve all heard of crowd-sourcing money for startups, but what if you could crowd source ideas?  That is what Synbiota is doing, mainly ideas that could solve world problems like creating new medicine, food and fuel using DNA as building blocks.  Sourcing smart minds toward impactful world solutions is definitely a worthwhile effort!
Ever had your identity stolen?  Identity theft is an increasing problem and startup Trustev is trying to solve it!  Trustev is an identity verification for online shoppers that targets e-commerce fraud.  The company runs algorithms to analyze activity data on your social networks and location based information to verify who you are.


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