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Windows Users at Risk: Uninstall Quicktime to Protect Your Computer

19 Apr , 2016  

Computer viruses are a pain and a half.  So, when the US Government warns against one, we should probably take notice!  So, if you have a Windows computer, or know someone who does, listen up! These computers are at risk according to The Department of Homeland Security who said that any Windows users that have QuickTime downloaded should uninstall the program immediately.

The background is that ever since 2011, Apple has been gradually making less and less updates for QuickTime for Windows. The company has now announced that now that QuickTime is no longer needed for its services (like iTunes), it will no longer make future fixes or updates for the program.

Because QuickTime used to be a requirement to use iTunes, it may still be on users computers and could potentially be used by viruses or hackers to gain access to personal files. The Department of Homeland Security has discovered two major bugs with the program that make it a security risk to its users and they recommend uninstalling the program right away since no fix is going to be made from Apple.

But don’t fret too much, you can easily check if you need to uninstall the program on any Windows computer.  Just go to your Windows launch menu and use the search bar to type in “programs.” This will bring you to a list of all your installed programs on your computer. If you happen to have a version on QuickTime installed, it will be listed and you can click on it and choose to uninstall it. Then you can finally relax and know that your computer is safe again!

Please share this info with anyone you think could be at risk. I hope all your computers stay safe and that this risk is removed before any of your files are affected.

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