WAZE Helps You Outsmart Traffic and Get There Faster!

11 Feb , 2013  

Maps, routes, traffic- oh my!
Getting from here to there can be tougher than you think.  But there is a
new popular way to outsmart traffic!
Have you used Waze?   If not, you need to check it out.  The app, which
grew to over 40 million users last year, is the world’s fastest growing
community based traffic and navigation app.

“I already use a map app” you might protest.  Oh, trust me- Waze is

Waze is all user generated and tracks local traffic, police sightings,
accidents and road hazards in real time.  You will get alerted before you
are approaching an incident or traffic jam and automatically be
re-routed.  Waze learns your most used destinations and preferred routes
and calculates those factors into its suggestions.
Not only is traffic updated in real-time, but roads are accurate
as well.  This means no more dead ends, recommendations to go the wrong way
down a one way, or maps asking you to get onto a closed on-ramp.

And if this is not all social enough for you, of course you can connect
with friends!  Ever had to text your friend “Almost there!” or “Looking for
parking!”.  First of all, that’s annoying!  Usually I am late when I have
to do this and the last thing I want to do is take time to shoot the
apology text.  Second of all, it can be dangerous!  I hope I don’t need to
remind you of the dangers of texting and driving.  Well, with Waze, you can
set your friends to see where you are BEFORE you start driving.  So if you
are headed to meet up with them, they know when you are 5 minutes away or
just walking in.

Oh, new and marvelous apps!  How do I love you!  Let me count the WAZE!


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