12 Oct , 2012  


We’ve discussed the dangers of texting and driving a lot lately.  Well, here’s a Friday Fact for you- there are also dangers in texting and walking!!
You may think I am being over the top but I read of one instance where a pedestrian crossing the street while texting was killed.  Obviously, texting while walking is not playing roulette with your life like texting and driving which causes 100,000 accidents every year.  

The main objection I have is that it is a real nuisance!  I have been bumped into and cut off countless times by people whose eyes are on their phones instead of the sidewalk!
I’m still not sure if I think this app is genius or silly.  But, for $0.99 you can be the proud owner of the TYPE N WALK app.  Type N Walk displays a transparent viewport of what is directly in front of you and allows you to text, email or tweet with that image as the background- effectively letting you see where you’re going even with your eyes on your phone! 
Pretty genius, huh?
Or pretty silly?
I can’t decide!  Try it out and let me know if you think it’s useful or a waste!


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