Warning: This message MAY self destruct…

11 Apr , 2014  

Warning: This message will self-destruct is 5, 4, 3, 2….

No.  It won’t.The cool spy movie self destructing secret messages seem to have died in today’s digital age.  Now pictures, posts, attachments and emails once shared just live forever.But not if DStrux can help it!DSTRUX launched this week as a startup out of New York with a new cloud-based technology that lets you send photos, documents, posts or any type of file that you can control and destroy remotely.I’m thinking of this sort of like SnapChat for everyday files and posts.  But, with the advantage of having seen some of the most common issues and workarounds from SnapChat, the DSTRUX team has tried to add functionality to safeguard against those actions.

 For example: – Blocks screen grabs:  File initially appears blurry until recipient presses space bar.  They can then view it but it will become blurry again if other keys are pushed.– Documents are destroyed and wiped from the server once the set time frame has ended.– Senders can control who an email is forwarded to, blocking it from being forwarded or blocking certain people from being able to receive it.– New functionality is intended to be added this fall where a built-in computer camera would be able to recognize objects like phones or cameras to prohibit recipients from taking a physical picture of the doc as well. So it seems pretty well thought out. Plus, the design and user interface of DSTRUX is really slick.  Am I the only one, though, who has a problem trusting these things?  In addition to SnapChat, there’s been a ton of apps or sites that promise self-destructing text messages (Confide, TigerText, Gryphn, to name a few).  While DSTRUX is unique in that it works for files and attachments, I still hold to the mantra that you should never send anything you don’t want the world to see.  What do you think?  Do you trust self-destructing files!?


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