Want To Train Your Dog With Your iPhone!?

28 Mar , 2014  

Any chance I get to combine two of my passions: technology and animals, I’ll take!  That’s why news of apps that deal with dogs are top of my list!  Here’s a few apps that will help you train (yes you read that right!) your dog!!  Starting with the most basic and going toward the “doggone” crazy… check these out!

Dog Whistler App
This app does exactly as its name suggests: transforms your iPhone into a dog whistle!! This allows you to play numerous ranges of sounds for canine training anywhere from a slow 500 Hz whistle to a fat 5 Hz whistle!  You can also use the app’s motion detection alarm to keep pets off your furniture! 
Pet Remote
A little crazier is the app “Pet Remote”, which launched a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo and raised over $13,000!  Pet Remote is a tag attached to your dog’s collar that is controlled from your iPhone!  It helps you train your little doggie without saying a word by vibrating or playing a signal in response to Bluetooth signals from your phone.  For example, loading the command “sit” will teach your dog to associate the vibration or sound it feels/ hears with that command!
Dog Translator
Now we are getting into sci-fi sounding apps!  First, let’s lay out the concept, then we’ll get into the actual apps.  Like babies have different cries that mean they are hungry or tired, dogs also have different barks!! So, what if these barks could be distinguished and “translated”?  It would be so awesome, you can’t blame people for trying!
Dog-Translator! is a cute app that lets you “translate” what your dogs barks mean.  This app is simply novelty but well designed and quite fun.
Bowlingual is another app available and while the Dog to English translation still claims to be testing, it is based oa real device sold in Japan.  That device, also named Bowlingual, is a portable dog language translator made by Japanese toy giant Takara Tomy.  The company stresses its scientific component as it was jointly developed with a veterinarian and an acoustics research laboratory.  So, does it work!!?  Well the app is still novelty, but it seems like we might not be far off.  The Japanese gadget has been sold over 300,000 times in Japan and won the Ig Nobel Peace Prize in 2002!
Would you buy a dog-translator?!  What do you think your dog is saying!?


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