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Want to know your Uber rating?

1 Oct , 2015  

We all love the rideshare app, Uber.  But do you know how much Uber loves you?

Now, you can.  I’m going to show you how to find out your passenger rating in Uber!
If you didn’t know, it is not just the riders giving out ratings, Uber drivers also rate the passengers they pick up.
Last year, there was a glitch in Uber’s system that accidentally showed users upfront what their ratings were.  While Uber was quick to fix this issue, there is still a way to find out your rating hidden deep within the app’s settings.  Here’s how you find it:
– Within the Uber app, click the Profile section located at the top left.
– Click Help
– Click Account
– Click “I’d like to know my rating.”
– Agree to “know my rating.”
– Check your email for a full report
Ratings are 1-5 stars, with 5 being the best, and are shown as averages. There is currently no way to find out which drivers gave you which ratings.  I had always been very curious about what my rating was in the app.  How about you?  Did you give it a try? What’s your Uber rating?

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