Want to Improve Your Eyesight? We’ve Got an App For That!!

28 Feb , 2014  

We all know that there are apps for just about anything- including tons to help you improve areas of your life.  Flashcards to improve math skills, games to improve brain activity, and now even an app to help improve your eyesight!

Ultimeyes is an app developed at the University of California, Riverside that uses gaming to sharpen eyesight.  The game basically has users tap the screen through a series of barely-visible images.  Ultimeyes was tested on baseball players in a study performed by the University, and the players averaged a 31% improvement in their vision!  The study, published in Current Biology, explained that players swung smarter as a result and decreased their strikeout percentages!
Digging deeper, it is interesting to find out that the “secret sauce” of the app is that it doesn’t actually focus as much on your EYES as your BRAIN.  Rather than stressing the eye muscles, Ultimeyes exploits “recent insights into when and how the adult brain can be fundamentally rewired-a concept known as neuroplasticity”.  So in this case, rewiring your brain to “see” things better!
The app is available for download for $5.99.  And I KNOW that we typically LOVE free apps, but if you think about it, eye surgery in the future is going to cost a lot more than $5.99!! So, really, it’s a deal!
Have you tried Ultimeyes? What do you think?


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