VOTE: Instagram or Vine!?

21 Jun , 2013  


Game ON! A mere week after my blog about how Vine is taking over, Instagram (owned by Facebook) come back with a 1-2 punch that some social media experts think might just take Vine (owned by Twitter) down!  Instagram’s new short-video addition is definitely aimed at kicking Vine out of the market.  It takes the basic premise of Vine’s bite-sized video clips and adds several new features of it.  Let’s check out the main differences.  Then VOTE on which you like better… Vine or Instagram’s Video!

Length:  Probably the most apparent difference in Vine and Instagram is the amount of time they allow for the video clips.  Instagram has more than doubled the 6-second Vine video, offering 15 seconds of footage per video.  This can be both a good or bad thing.  While you get more time per video to shoot, if the video is boring, less people will want to share or sit through the entire thing.
Filters: That’s right, the signature Instagram filters are also available on their videos.  This is a big deal because, let’s get real, people love those filters!
Looping:  Vine loops (playing the same clip over and over) have become very popular and are also a great way for users to make their own GIF files.  Instagram’s new feature does not offer this loop mode.  Possibly because 15 seconds is quite a bit longer and more difficult to loop.
Editing: Both apps lets you shoot multiple clips and string them together, but they differ in how they let you edit those clips.  With Instagram, you can delete the last clip from a series, just in case it was a mess up.  Vine does not allow this.
Sharability: As I mentioned last week, Vine is shareable and fully integrated into Twitter.  You can also share Vine videos on Facebook.  Instagram videos are easily shareable through the app on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Email and foursquare.  This sums up why I personally prefer Instagram, it is just shareable in more ways.  And, really, that’s the point!
Have you noticed any other big differences?   Which app do you prefer??


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