Vine is Shutting Down. What’s going to happen with your favorite Vines?

4 Nov , 2016  

I hate goodbyes.  Really, I do.  Saying goodbye to once-popular apps is no different for me.  So, you can imagine my response when I heard the news about Vine- the once mega-popular video looping app.  Sadly, our favorite Vines may be gone forever!

It is hard to believe but the entire Vine app is coming to an end in the next few months. Understandably, the internet is exploding with questions like “What went wrong?” and “What is going to happen to my favorite Vines?” I’ve got the answers and will fill you in on what everyone is wondering.

Back in 2012, when Vine was just a tiny new app, Twitter bought the company right before its release and rise to massive popularity. In its first year, 2013, it was so successful that Vines were even shown on the news and talk shows like Ellen! Unfortunately, the Vine platform didn’t keep up and change with the other platforms. It seems like every couple of weeks a social media apps has a big update and people go crazy. Well, Vine rarely updated anything.  And one big fail was a lack of ways for its users to monetize their engagement. While Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat made it possible for content creators to make money from their profiles by running short ads or having advertisements on their pages, Vine never followed suit. Vine’s biggest stars got frustrated by the lack of monetization and many of them left the platform for YouTube or Instagram.  Others even went as far as to offer Vine a contract where they would only continue making Vines if they were paid each month… Vine turned them all down.

In the end, it seems that Vine’s failure to update over time lead to it losing popularity. Seeing its lack of growth, Twitter recently decided to sell the platform. Unfortunately for Vine, no one would pay Twitter’s asking price and it was left with simply shutting Vine down.

Many of Vine’s biggest stars have already moved to YouTube, Instagram or other social platforms to continue making entertaining videos.

If you are worried about your favorite Vines being lost in the coming months, here is how you can easily save them: When on a Mac or PC, go to the Vine.co website. From there you can login or search for your favorite Vines. Once you found a Vine you want to keep, simply right click on the video, press “Save As” to download, and you have your favorite Vines forever!

Are you sad to see Vine go? What are your favorite Vines that you will want to make sure to save?



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