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Valentine’s Day Apps for Everyone

9 Feb , 2017  

Valentine’s Day is almost here and that can be stressful for everybody (regardless of relationship status). Well, there’s no need to stress this year! I found the perfect app for couples, friends and singles, so everyone can feel the love!

Gravy– For those lucky enough to have a date on Valentine’s Day, this app will help you come up with the perfect date idea instead of doing the same old thing as last year! Gravy is a free app for iPhone and Android that lets users search their area for things to do based on their mood. The different moods are: lively (concerts and bars), classy (art and museums), brainy (classes and lectures) and playtime (fun for the whole family). Now you can just ask your date what mood they are in, and Gravy will help you find the perfect a date to win their heart!

Klique– If you find yourself without a date, but don’t want to sit at home on Valentine’s Day, then grab a single friend or two and hit the town with Klique! Klique allows two separate groups of single friends to match up and maybe sparks will fly! After all, the awkwardness and intimidation of feeling alone while meeting new people will be completely gone. This Valentine’s Day have a blast with new and old friends because Klique is free for iPhone.

Ninja  Spinki Challenges– I haven’t forgotten those of you who don’t feel like doing anything on Valentine’s Day. Staying home and playing games might be perfect for you, and luckily, the makers of the hugely popular Flappy Bird just came out with a new game!  Ninja Spinki Challenges is an addicting game you play as a Ninja-in-training who must face a variety of different challenges. Dodging bouncing cats, jumping over fruit or throwing ninja stars will allow you to unlock harder and harder challenges. The game has gotten nearly perfect reviews so far the on iTunes store, raking up 4.5 stars. Now, you won’t have time to feel sad because you will be playing Ninja Spinki Challenges!  (Free for iPhone and Android.)

What are your plans for Valentines day? And if you didn’t have any, now you do!

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