Twitter’s Hottest Game This Year!

4 Jan , 2013  

Gaming is now a very popular part of social media.  Earning badges, getting to secret levels and outranking your friends are small thrills during otherwise slow times in the day. And you don’t have to be a mega-gamer, locked in your room on an x-box, anymore to play.  Downloadable games for mobile devices are just as fun, entertaining and addicting. 

And I confess, I get addicted!  And turns out my latest game addiction, Fun Run, has caught on big time!  Fun Run has been a trending topic on Twitter over the last few days, both domestically and internationally!  I feel so excited when my favorite things catch on!!
Fun Run is a free real-time, multiplayer race game that is available on iOS and Android devices.  The game is quite simple, your furry critter (everyone is a fox to start off with, but you can upgrade to other forest creatures), joins three other players in a real-time race, choosing the track and scurrying to the finish while enduring a plethora of obstacles and power-ups along the way.  You can play with your friends or get matched with random players from around the world. 
I love it because it is quick- each race only takes about a minute- and serves as a fun little break in the day!
But be careful!  Once you start, you may not be able to put it down!!


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