Tired of Tinder? 3 Dating Apps to Cure Your Valentine’s Day Blues!

13 Feb , 2014  

Let’s face it.  People either LOVE or HATE Valentine’s Day.  Usually, this depends on if you have a date for Valentine’s Day!  But never fear, if you haven’t secured a date for the day of love, I have found three apps for you to check out to help your chances!  Take a chance on these apps, and take a chance on love!!

Hinge: Hinge is an app that lets you date based on your personal network.  The concept of being set up with a friend’s friend is classic, but today, it doesn’t happen much.  Hinge links to your Facebook page and acts on that concept digitally.  You get “batches” of potential dates on a regular basis consisting of connections with your Facebook friends!  
Carrot: The name Carrot is a nod to the phrase “Dangle A Carrot”- which was traditionally done in front of a horse to get it to act the way you want.  Similarly, Carrot lets you offer dinner or gifts or travel to potential dates for them to go out with you!  This site has gotten a lot of controversial press, saying that “bribing” for dates is wrong.  Despite this, the app is gaining popularity,  And, can you guess what the most popular “bribe” accepted for a date is?  A tank of gas!!  I kid you not!
Coffee Meets Bagel: If you’d ever tried online dating, you know it can be exhausting.  Coffee Meets Bagel helps you manage this by focusing on quality over quantity.   Every day, at exactly noon, you are sent a single potential date.  No more filtering through faces and pages of people!  And if you aren’t keen on the match from that day, well there’s always tomorrow!
So if you are feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day, try out one of these apps!  Love could just be a click away.


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