This Video Is About To Fill Up Your FB Feed!

12 Nov , 2014  

Remember the Facebook “Look Back” videos from last year?  You probably do, as Facebook reports that over 350 million people watched the Look Back videos, which recapped users’ most “liked” moments of the year.

Well, a new feature is coming out that is projected to get even MORE attention.
Just in time to become wildly popular for Thanksgiving, Facebook is launching “Say Thanks” videos.  Basically, these videos will be of photos and posts from your friendship with one other Facebook friend, and can be edited to contain your favorite moments.  There are a few different themes (haven’t found out what these will be yet), and they are intended to show gratitude to your other Facebook friends during the heartfelt time of Thanksgiving.
At least, that’s how they are marketed.  Not to be a cynic, because I am actually VERY thankful for all my friends and family and even my fellow App-loving digital friends. But, Facebook’s intentions here might not be completely altruistic.  Like I said before, if the “Look Back” videos were watched 350 million times, just IMAGINE what these “Say Thanks” videos might be like.  Last year, each user had only ONE video to potentially share with their network.  Their own “highlight reel,” if you will.   Well, now with “Say Thanks,” people can make and share as many videos as they want because every video of the pairs’ friendship will look different.  If these hit it big, our feeds will be inundated with the videos.
What do you think of this concept?  Is it a nice way to show gratitude for a friendship, or just another Facebook feed annoyance?


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