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This “Smart Invitation” will help you get 85% RSVP rates!

10 Jun , 2016  

Did you know that over 10 BILLION digital invitations are sent every year through Facebook, Evite, Text Message and email!?  That is a LOT of invitations! Actually, that is over 317 every single SECOND! (I did the math, are you impressed!?)

With all that planning, you would think that some of the pains we experience every invite would be easier…..

  • Where should we go!?
  • Why is no one RSVP-ing?
  • Please don’t make me be on a group text with 10000 replies!

Enter the new “Smart Invitation” app, Fete (pronounced fet…. like pet!) to cure all these woes!  Fete is an “easy and effective way to blueprint a brunch date with best friends or a birthday party extravaganza with all friends”.   Invitations through Fete are handled within text messaging, which is a super easy and convenient way for friends to respond and elicits extremely high RSVP rates.

While the new version with updated functionality was launched to the world today, here at AppChick, we had special early access to the wonder of Fete, and have LOVED getting to plan events with the app.

First things first, the app’s tutorial is amazing.  It walks you through each step of making a “Smart Card”, how to build options for dates and locations, and then shows you the entire sample guest experience for those with or without the app, so you know exactly what your friends are seeing.

Once you get past the tutorial and into party-planning phase, the app is chalk full of features and functions to make your life easier.  Inviting contacts from your phonebook, sharing links across social media platforms and even letting friends suggest locations or vote on best time can be accomplished in a few clicks.

My favorite part is that even if your friends don’t have Fete, they can still interact with the app just through text messaging.  I can imagine this being super useful for sending graduation party invitations, because you can use the same thing for tech-savvy students as you do for Aunt Ida who has never downloaded an app!


Try out Fete for your next barbecue, girl’s night out, birthday or celebration.  I expect an invitation!

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