This April Fools Day Joke Went a Little Too Far!

21 Jul , 2014  

Have you ever had a joke go just a little too far?

Well, I’d say that’s what happened with “Yo”, the Android and iOS app that was created this past April Fools Day.
Since then, “Yo” has been downloaded over a million times, rose to #3 in the iOS app store and been featured on the Stephen Colbert show.

Sounds like a great success, right?  So – you might wonder – what’s the problem?
If you haven’t downloaded this grand success of an app yet, you might be in the dark.  This massive breakthrough technology (can you sense my sarcasm?) lets its users (wait for it!!!) say “yo” to each other.
Yeah, that’s it.
You can basically text people “yo”.
No other words, just “yo”.
I’m not kidding.  The app is just a list of connections, you tap one and it sends them a message of the word “yo”.
You can’t do anything else in it.
Like I said earlier, it was started as a joke and then caught on in a BIG way.  Up to 4 MILLION “yo”s were sent in a single day!!
Okay, I have to admit the app is pretty to look at and (obviously) very simple to use.  But even as someone who loves simplicity and streamlining user behavior, if you can’t just tap the couple extra times it takes to TEXT someone “yo”, there might be a problem!!
Help me out, guys.  Do any of you use “yo”?  Do you like it!!??  Let me know whats up, yo!!


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