This App is the Networker’s Best Friend

10 Jul , 2014  

Lately, the vast majority of the networking events I’ve gone to have had the same type of set up.  They start about 10 minutes late, have a super interesting PowerPoint presentation from an industry leader, then wine and networking!

And my pattern at these events is pretty typical too.  Show up just as it begins (traffic is such a nightmare), love the presentation and snap pics and tweet inspirational quotes, wine and networking!
Well, if these patterns ring a bell for you, I’ve got a great new app for a problem I know you’ve encountered.
Those pictures!  Like I mentioned, I usually slide in right as the presentation starts.  So, I am sitting on the edge of the row and the pics I snap are all angled.  The part of the slide closest to me is great in the image, but the half that’s further away is small and angled.
Well, not anymore!
YouCam Snap is a (free!!) app that automatically de-skews any picture you snap with it. Right after I snap the image, I can crop out JUST the slide and de-angle the image so that it appears just as though I have an image of the entire slide. Then you can save out just that image or even create a PDF of multiple.
Hope you find this as helpful as I have!  Any other apps that have helped you through presentation or networking events?


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