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The Newest Smartphone Trend is Less Smart and More Phone!

3 Mar , 2017  

One of the latest trends in smartphones is to make them a little more dumb.  Sound crazy? Well, a core group of phone users are starting to switch to non-smartphones.  They like the switch, claiming they have more freedom away from emails, internet and social media.  Other benefits of the trend are cheaper data plans, less distractions and a phone that doesn’t break or get outdated quickly. Dumbphones are coming back in a big way and this week I’ll give you the scoop on the low-tech phones that are trending.

Nokia 3310- Talk about a blast from the past, HMD is relaunching the Nokia 3310 from 2000. If you are looking for reliability and a phone that will never break, this is the phone for you! With a standby battery life of nearly a month and a talk time of 22 hours, it’s easy to see the attraction of going old-school! The relaunched Nokia 3310 will now have a color screen but will keep its old keypad, 2 megapixel rear-facing camera (sorry that means no selfies), and even comes loaded with the addicting classic game “snake.” The Nokia 3310 is set to hit shelves later this year for only $52!

Talkase T1- If you like the idea of having less features like the Nokia, but don’t want to hall a big retro phone around all day then you are in luck! The Talkase T1 is a dumbphone that is literally the size of a credit card! Thats not all that makes this phone special, the Talkase T1 can be used as a standalone phone (which is great for young kids as their first phone), or synced with bluetooth and used with your current iPhone. The phone can be purchased with a case that fits the Talkase T1 right to the back of your current phone. For its size, this slim phone has an impressive 100 hour standby and  2.5 hours of talk time! The Talkase T1 with its special iPhone case can be yours for just $72.

BlackBerry KEYone- Finally, if you aren’t ready to make the jump to a dumbphone, I have a baby-step option for you. The KEYone is on par with the latest smart phones in terms of features except it brings back the BlackBerry’s signature full keyboard! The physical keyboard even has the ability to use all the touch gestures and shortcuts so that typing will be easier and faster than ever! This hybrid phone of new and old can be yours for $549 and will be available April 2017. You can preorder now at BlackBerry’s website.

Are you surprised by this new trend? Or do you think it time we all make the switch back to dumbphones?

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