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THE must-have app for #TBT

15 Oct , 2015  


ThrowBack Thursday is easily the most popular and longstanding hashtag movement on social media.  Who doesn’t love pulling out those old pictures and giving them a moment of digital glory!?  For all those #TBT lovers out there, I’m about to up your game!

Now you can have the same nostalgic feeling of #TBT in all your videos. There’s a fun new bunch of apps that let you take videos in the perfect style for #TBT: they look like they were taken with a 1980’s VHS camcorder.

The first of these apps, “VHS Camcorder” launched in August and within 10 days, was ranked #2 on Apple’s charts!  This is quite the feat, especially considering the app costs $3.99, a higher price point than many apps today.

I’d also recommend a free version, “Camcorder”, which pulls off the effect just as nicely, without the cost!  It is also in Apple’s top 10 free apps as of this week.

You aren’t alone if you are surprised that such a simple sounding concept has hit it so big in the app world.  But, I must admit, after trying the videos for myself, they are really fun! These apps give your videos a sense of nostalgia, with the stereotypical timestamp in the corner and the slightly muted coloring.

What do you think of the 80’s VHS look?






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