The Most Overhyped App of 2014?

10 Jan , 2014  

When Twitter’s co-founder makes a new app, people pay attention.  That’s certainly one of the main reasons for all the hype about the until-now-ultra-secretive “Jelly” app.  But this week the big secret has been revealed.  And, well, I am not sure I’m as impressed as I was hoping to be.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, Jelly (free on iPhone and Android) basically puts every current buzzword into one app.  Visual? Check.  Crowd sourcing? Check. Pictures? Check.
Download Jelly (expert tip: it is easier to find in the app store by searching “Jelly Industries”) and you can start taking pictures of things and asking question about your pictures.

At a park and want to know what species of bird you are looking at?
In the store and want to know if the bread on the shelf is good?
Trying out a new hairstyle and want to know if your friends approve?

Snap pictures in these situations, upload to Jelly, and await answers from your friends.

Hm… this sounds familiar to me.  Where could I have heard this before?

OH YEAH, that is exactly what everyone currently does on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Do I not have enough apps that do this exact same thing?  What am I missing? Why is this relevant and how could THIS be the value of an app that has had such significant buzz?

Have you tried Jelly yet?  Share your thoughts below.  100 cool points if you can convince me that Jelly is worth using instead of any other app I currently use!!


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