The Darker Side of The MEAN GIRLS Legacy: Burnbook App

8 Apr , 2015  

I love the movie MEAN GIRLS.  It is one of our last great memories of the untarnished youth of Lindsay Lohan and gave us so many gifts that are still in use today, more than a decade after its release.

Sadly, there is a darker side to the Mean Girls legacy.

Remember the “Burn Book” in Mean Girls?  It’s where Regina and her “mean girl” friends wrote down nasty things about their classmates.  They did this because they were, well, MEAN!  Now, an app – Burnbook- has been created with this exact same concept.

Guys, this is really bad.  The app allows users to find nearby “communities”, mostly middle schools and high schools.  Users then can join these communities, anonymously, and post anything to the entire community, remaining anonymous.


The bad news:  A lot of people today are mean too. This app has brought cyber bullying to a whole new level. Specifics about  students’ personalities, bodies, and lives are being mocked, exposed and picked apart.

The good news:  Kindness can prevail.  There has been a recent surge of positivity rising on Burnbook.  A movement was started by parents in communities where Burnbook was extremely prevalent.  Uplifting messages about strength, individuality and love filled the Burnbook pages.


Here’s hoping that Burnbook will change, and the damage done can be repaired.  No one deserves to be cyberbullied and apps that promote this, in my opinion, should not be allowed on the AppStore!


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