The Best App for a March Madness Loyalist!

21 Mar , 2014  

It’s game time baby!
Today is the second day of March Madness, the NCAA tournament that takes that nation by storm every year.
I mean what’s NOT to love about March Madness?!

If you are a huge sports buff, it’s perfect because you have games every minute!!
If you aren’t then it is still perfect, because making a bracket and following along couldn’t be easier!!
Last year I gave you these awesome apps to stay up to date on every second of the madness.
This year, I want to show you one more, for those fans who are loyal fans of a team in the tournament!
Check out Team Stream (free on iOS and Android).  Team Stream is a one stop shop for anything you care about for your favorite team.  You can set personalized streams that send alerts as soon as a story, game score, or any significant chatter breaks about your team.  This app is IDEAL for March Madness.  While it’s great that games are on just about all the time, not all of us can be glued to the TV 24/7 to watch every game.  So, Team Stream is a great solution!
Now, go enjoy some games!  Comment below if Team Stream helps you out, or if your brackets are already busted beyond repair!


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