“The App That Saved My Day” Award

3 Dec , 2013  

You know that feeling when you forgot to do something important and think of it a few minutes before it is due?  It’s that sinking feeling in your stomach mixed with adrenaline that you now only have 5 minutes to make it right!
Yeah, I got that last week when I had forgotten about registration for a high profile event that I was supposed to fill out and sign forms to attend.  I was in my car, on the road and there was no way I was going to be able to download the forms from the website, print them, sign them, scan them and turn them before the deadline.

This, my friends, is the exact time you thank your lucky stars that the Internet, mobile devices and apps exist.
I found the most perfect app that saved the day.  SignNow (Free, iOS) lets you upload digital files, open and sign or type information on the files and resave within the app.  So there is no need to print, sign and scan anymore!  I simply “signed” the doc using the app and my finger to create a signature and the whole process was done in 3 minutes.
SignNow is a simple concept but has the easiest to use platform and such a great and user-friendly interface.  For a seamless process, it links directly to your mail app, Dropbox, iBooks, adobe reader, and tons of other apps within your mobile device.  Plus, its free!  That’s why I give the “App That Saved My Day” award to SignNow!
Do you have a nominee for another “App That Saved My Day”?  Let us know your story in the comments below!


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