Taxes Done!? Time to party with these Karaoke apps!

12 Apr , 2013  

Are you done with your taxes and ready to party!?
I told you earlier this week about the awesome Karaoke Pro, the new portable Karaoke unit that will turn any night into the most awesome dance/sing/get crazy party ever.  Check it out at ATT.com!
Remember how the Karaoke Pro works with any karaoke app on the market?  Well here are just a few to get you going!!
Hope they leave you singing a happy tune!!

A super easy-to-use interface lets you stop worrying about the app and start focusing on your performance!  But note that songs cost “credits” and while the app gives you 250 free credits for signing up, you need to purchase more to keep singing once those are gone!
SOULO Karaoke (Free)
Turn it up a notch with Soulo Karaoke, which gives you the option to make your own music video! The app hasn’t dismissed the singing features though and comes with built-in pitch enhancement and voice effects!
You know you love the show Glee!  How could you not!?  Well here is a karaoke app especially for all the Gleeks out there! Sing along with all your favorite hits from the show.  Because, come on, its not like you aren’t singing these everyday anyway!
With a ton of free songs and voice-altering features like reverb and echo effects, you’ll be singing long into the night!  Karaoke Anywhere also offers premium pay-per-use songs as well as a subscription model. 
KARAOKE FREE (You guessed it, Free!)
This app lets you add your own sings using its iTunes integration.  Or, make it to the big screen by hooking up the phone to your television through its TV output support 


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