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The Future of Facebook

21 Apr , 2017  

Every year Facebook holds a developer conference called “F8” to discuss its future plans and what developers can expect moving forward. F8 just happened this week and it covered some cool new ideas! Facebook’s focus at F8 was all about Augmented Reality (AR)! It set a goal to “change every smartphone into an AR experience.” […]

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Snapchat Spectacles Selling Online!

22 Feb , 2017  

Great news for all Snapchat fans! The need for chasing around yellow vending machines to try and grab a pair of the elusive Snapchat Spectacles is over! In November, I talked about how the only other option for snagging the glasses-  aside from tracking down a vending machine-  was paying $300 to $1000 on eBay. […]

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Best Apps of 2016

30 Dec , 2016  

2016 has been an eventful year to say the least! And now that 2017 is right around the corner it’s a good idea to take some time and reflect on what happened this year.  You’ll find tons of “top apps of the year” lists out there, published by everyone from Apple to Business Insider.  To […]

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My Snapchat life just got 10x easier!

20 Dec , 2016  

Last week, Snapchat launched its new Group feature and my Snap life got 10x easier!  Now, when I capture a shareable moment, or want to send any sort of Snap to a group of friends, I can send to up to 16 people at once, instead of having to send to each individually.  And, responses […]

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Spectacles Causing a Spectacle!

17 Nov , 2016  

Snapchat’s Spectacles are finally here! I wrote about the buzz-worthy Spectacles at the beginning of last month, and I’ve been pumped for them to be released ever since.  Well, the launch did NOT disappoint!  It is- to say the least- a SPECTACLE! Perhaps the most interesting thing about the launch is how the glasses are being distributed.  […]

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Snapchat Glasses?

7 Oct , 2016  

Love Snapchating your friends but hate always having your phone out? Wish you could Snapchat while still experiencing the moment? Well your dreams may be coming true! The social media giant Snapchat is taking things in a new direction. The company has changed its name to Snap Inc. and early rumors have been confirmed that it […]

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Why is Instagram trying to be Snapchat?

19 Aug , 2016  

Runaway app-sensation, Snapchat, has hit it big with its “see me only once” messages and 24-hour-only “Stories”.  But, recently Instagram released “Instagram stories” and, no joke, it is exactly the same thing as Snapchat’s Stories. What’s going on here? How can Instagram do that? Why would they? And, is it working? Well, it turns out that […]

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AppChick DIY: Make your own Snapchat filter!

5 Aug , 2016  

If you have a smartphone, then you probably have Snapchat. But, did you know that you can make your own custom Snapchat filter?! I know you all love those Snapchat filters and that’s why I’m so excited about this Snapchat hack! Anyone can now create and use their own personal “Snapchat geofilters.” These are called “geofilters” […]

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