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Best Apps of 2016

30 Dec , 2016  

2016 has been an eventful year to say the least! And now that 2017 is right around the corner it’s a good idea to take some time and reflect on what happened this year.  You’ll find tons of “top apps of the year” lists out there, published by everyone from Apple to Business Insider.  To […]

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Is Justin turning his back on social media?

1 Sep , 2016  

We all know celebs and social media can have a fickle relationship.  There are a lot of haters out there, no matter who you are, and a lot of people seem to think they can just hate on celebs on social media without repercussion.  But cyber-bullying is never okay.  And last week, after a slew […]

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Why is Instagram trying to be Snapchat?

19 Aug , 2016  

Runaway app-sensation, Snapchat, has hit it big with its “see me only once” messages and 24-hour-only “Stories”.  But, recently Instagram released “Instagram stories” and, no joke, it is exactly the same thing as Snapchat’s Stories. What’s going on here? How can Instagram do that? Why would they? And, is it working? Well, it turns out that […]

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New Suite of Business Tools on Instagram

14 Jun , 2016  

A picture is worth a thousand words.  That saying is always a good one, and in the social media world, it could basically be the tagline for Instagram.  Since Instagram pics are so hot right now, of course business are always seeking new ways to use the platform to reach customers. Well, the Facebook-owned company […]

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Instagram’s Update: new look has users shook!

13 May , 2016  

Practically everyone who has a smart phone uses Instagram, so when there is an update, it affects a lot of people. And wow, people are affected! Yesterday, Instagram unveiled one of its biggest updates ever.  The company changed its trademark icon as well as the appearance of the entire app, touting that the new design is simplified and puts more […]

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Baby Names inspired by INSTAGRAM!

2 Dec , 2015  

Lux.  Ludwig.  Valencia. These words might sound familiar to you for two reasons. Chances are, you either remember them as the name of your Instagram filter, or of your friend’s new baby! According to the list of top baby names of 2015 (released by earlier today), there has been a huge rise in baby names […]

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