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Emoji Lovers Rejoice!

29 Mar , 2017  

Let’s be honest, everyone loves texting and the best part of texting is finding the perfect use for emojis! Well this week I have exciting news that is bound to improve your emoji-world! New emojis are coming!!! According to Unicode, the organization responsible for choosing new emojis, we should anticipate 69 new emojis coming this June!  […]

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New Emoji Alert! Can’t Wait for iOS9.1!

25 Sep , 2015  

How many times are you texting your friends and thinking “HOW is there not an emoji for ______”. I know this happens to me on a weekly basis, but with the new release of iOS 9.1, this might get a little more rare.  Hold on to your hats, folks, we are getting new EMOJIs! Yay! […]

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Ordering with Emojis

18 Jun , 2015  

Ordering with Emojis? You can do that now.

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