Super Bowl Sunday: Best Ways To Live Stream The Big Game!

1 Feb , 2014  

This Super Bowl Sunday is going to be cooler than ever! And by cooler, I mean freezing.   It’s not that the Super Bowl hasn’t ever been played in a cold-weather state, the difference this year is that MetLife Stadium, where all the action will happen on Sunday, doesn’t have a dome.  That’s gonna make for one chilly game!

Likewise, tickets for the Super Bowl have been cheaper than their and demand for streaming the game has been higher than ever.  The NFL has banned streaming the game while physically at the stadium, claiming that the bandwidth needed would be too large to support viewer’s videos.  Luckily, companies like AT&T; have already planned for these types of issues, so texting and calling from the game can go smoothly.  Get this, within MetLife Stadium, AT&T; has hidden more than 500 antennas and over 6 MILES of cable, so that reception while watching the Big Game will be as awesome as the game itself!  But if you can’t be in the stadium and you are on-the-go and not by a TV for the Super Bowl, you still have a few options to stay up on the action!
Watch Online: You can get a live feed on the web at either NFL.com or FoxSportsGo.com.  This might be the easiest way, sans television, to watch the game.
Watch on Mobile: Exclusive deals make the mobile experience a bit more limited.   You can watch on your iPad through Fox Sports Go App, but the iPhone App by the same name won’t work.   For your phone, check out the NFL Mobile app.  While the app is free to download, you have to pay $5 a month to access the live streaming video.
Get the Most Super Bowl Information:  On your tablet, there is a great app called Super Bowl XLVI Commemorative that maps out the competing teams, history of the Super Bowl, additional NFL video and even bonus features to add to the game!
Listen Up: If you can’t get to a screen, you still have some options.  If you’re a Sirius XM Radio subscriber, you can listen free to a live stream of the game.  NFL Audio Pass offers a stream of live audio to computers and tablets for $9.99 ( but, for some reason, this is blocked on mobilephones).  Maybe that is for those of us trapped at work!


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