Summer Schedules Need a Social Media BUFFER!

28 Jun , 2013  

You can relax a little this summer without relaxing your social media presence!
I like posting throughout my day, but sometimes I only get on social media for an hour or so in the morning.  Especially in the summer when I am lured outdoors for lunches in the sun or a half day Friday! Well now, with my new app tool Buffer (free for iphone or android), I can add my day’s favorite articles or pictures and have them shared automatically throughout the day!  This is perfect for me, so I can spread my social media presence throughout the entire day, rather than have 8 posts all in the morning.  So if I haven’t sold you yet, here are three more reasons Buffer is more than just a delayed tweet- service!

– Buffer posts to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  And if you are using a business account, you can allow an entire team management settings to an account so they can add throughout their day as well.
– Buffer provides free highly detailed analytics on each and every post. These let you see at a glance how many likes, shares and retweets each of your posts are getting.
– Buffer has integration tools that are compatible with just about every major news reader app there is!  This makes it super easy to tag my favorite articles for sharing.

Have you tried Buffer?  What feature do you find the most helpful?


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