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Stop These Holiday Mishaps Before They Start!

24 Dec , 2015  

With everything wonderful about the holidays also comes the potential for some last minute snafus or awkward situations. I’ve found three of the best apps to save you from a potential holiday mishap!
NORAD Tracks Santa (free iOS and Android)
I can just picture it. It’s the night of Christmas Eve and your kids just won’t go to sleep. Your threats of “You won’t get any toys” are not really cutting it anymore. How about showing them a GPS tracker of Santa’s sleigh!? Of course, they have to get into bed if Santa is close! The Norad Tracks Santa App has got you covered. The app counts down to Santa’s flight and then follows its progress on Christmas Eve. I mean, common, everyone else has GPS… why wouldn’t Santa!
KnockToCall ($1.99 on iPhone)
This app allows you to set up a fake call to come into your phone, by simply pressing a button or knocking on your phone in your pocket! The fake call mimics a real phone call with everything from the natural fading light after call starts, to showing a contact picture on the screen of the “caller”. Of course, you have to set that picture beforehand, and can also set a timer for the fake call to come through at a predetermined time. Pretending that your boss is calling you about work could potentially save you from flipping through that family photo album for the 100th time this year!
Smart Chef Substitutions App ($1.99)
You can avoid last-minute panic in the kitchen with this genius substitution app. Half way through your favorite recipe and run out of sour cream? Quickly find appropriate replacement ingredients that can rescue your meal and save you a trip to the probably-closed or definitely-crowded grocery store! The app touts a database of over 300 items with substitutes OR health replacements if you are trying to make a recipe gluten-free or lower fat!

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