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Still Need Weekend Plans? Then You NEED This App!

9 Oct , 2015  

Happy Friday! If you are still trying to figure out what your weekend plans are, I’ve got the perfect app for you!

It is inevitable, every weekend when hanging out with friends or group texting to plan a night out, the question comes up.  “Where do you you guys want to go!?”

No one EVER cares.  “I don’t care.” “Where ever you want.”  “What do you think?”

I know you’ve been there.

And now I deliver you a perfect solution, in digital form!

Bar Roulette is a new app that combines Uber and Yelp to whisk you and your pals away to a random bar, keeping the destination secret until you arrive.

Of course, all the destinations are ranked very high on Yelp and you can set a mile radius about how far you want to go.

Bar Roulette is a web based app, so you can visit it on the browser of your mobile device or your computer.  To make it easier, you can bookmark the web app in your phone’s web browser, add it to your home screen and save the link as a separate app as well!

So, who’s up  for a little adventure and spontaneity?  Would you use Bar Roulette?

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