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Spring Forward: These apps to make up for losing an hour!

10 Mar , 2017  

Fall back and Spring forward.  Even with that clever little saying, Daylight Saving Time calculations can get me confused! This weekend we LOSE an hour, folks, as we need to set our clocks an hour ahead this Saturday night.  The bad news is that means an hour less of sleep, but the good news is… Spring is here! Everyone knows that spring is the time for travel, cleaning and productivity. So whether you are checking out the sights, the food in the back of your fridge or goals off your list, I’ve got the apps to make you “spring” into gear this season!

Hitlist– For a lot of families and college students, spring always means spring break! Hitlist is the ultimate app for planning getaways with friends. Simply make a list of all the places you would love to travel to and places you have already enjoyed and then you can compare lists with friends. Group up to plan trips and give advice to those who want to visit places you’ve been. The app will keep you updated on all the best travel deals so you and your friends will be on your next adventure in no time! Hitlist is free for iPhone so you can start planning your next big trip today.

OurHome– For some of us, spring doesn’t mean leaving home, but instead, cleaning it! This can be a problem with multiple roommates or a large family, because it makes sharing chores and groceries a daily struggle. But now, everyone can work together and be on the same page with the OurHome app! OurHome allows people to share tasks, calendars and even grocery lists! The app is super practical because tasks can be assigned to specific people or to everyone, and can be checked completed to show who’s pulled their weight. Now no one will argue about who took the trash out last time! It also has features for parents to set point values on different tasks and create rewards like allowance or sleepovers with friends if enough points are earned. This app will make any household easier to manage and is free for both iPhone and Android.

Google Keep– Finally, for some of us personal goals like getting organized is what spring is all about, and that means making lists. But keeping track of each different list isn’t easy: to-do lists, shows to catch up on, books to read and upcoming birthday gifts to buy, it’s easy to lose track or to keep them all in your mind at once. Luckily there a solution to this problem, Google Keep! This app works as the ultimate note organizer. All your various lists and notes can be arranged and seen on one screen so when you are picking up that new book from the library you can remember to stop by the store. You can even share notes with others and set yourself reminders of things so that you don’t forget! Google Keep has all the features you need to get all your ducks in a row this spring and is free for both iPhone and Android devices.

What are you going to check off this spring? Hopefully these apps will save you more than the hour of sleep you lose Saturday night!  Happy Spring!

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