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Spring Break Apps

4 Mar , 2016  

Spring is coming and with it comes a flurry of planning and excitement for Spring Break!  I have great memories of Spring Break in my day, and wish the real world kept that going!  But for all you lucky Spring Breakers, I’ve got a couple apps that will make your break the best!

The first obstacle to any successful Spring Break is making sure your travel plans don’t break the bank.  Now you don’t have to stress on this too much thanks to Wanderu.  The true budget traveler might not want to splurge for plane tickets.  Wanderu is like Kayak for buses and trains! It gives you and your buddies the ability to compare prices for cheap bus and train tickets to get you to your destination without burning a hole in your pocket.

Now that you have your travel plans booked, no trip is complete without fun activities and places to see.  Find the perfect Spring Break events and plans through Viator.  With the Viator app, you review tours and activities available in different locations, see videos of each and pick the perfect one for you and your friends.  Some activities even have promo codes you can use right off the Viator app that help you save even more money!

Now that your adventure is planned, you are going to want the perfect app for sharing your trip with all your friends! The TripColor app lets you post photos in a whole new way.  Posted pics are organized as points on a map so everyone can see where all your memories have been made.  It also records the date the pictures were taken, creating a ready-made vacation blog without any effort!  The app is free (yay!) and connects with other social media so that your whole trip can be shared seamlessly.

Now you’re ready for the Spring Break of a lifetime! Just hop on a train or bus, look up awesome events and share memories to create a vacation blog as you go!

Where are you headed this Spring Break? Help me relive my Spring Break days by sharing your TripColor photos with me!

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