Social Impact’s New “Dollar Menu”

26 Apr , 2013  

From a mobile phone app to a fast food burger, a dollar seems to have a lot of versatility these days.
But when I think of charitable giving, it doesn’t seem like a dollar can do that much.
Or so I thought until I heard about Google’s new application, released last week: One Today.

One Today is an inspiring app for Android that capitalizes on micro-donations. Every day, a new nonprofit is featured and users are encouraged to give- just a dollar- for specific uses that are outlined in the app. One Today learns your preferences over time, and tailors the daily charities to causes you care most about. I mean, of course it does, this is Google we are talking about here!
The app’s functionality is just as awesome as its mission. You can donate straight from Google Wallet, ask friends to donate to your favorite charities through social media channels, or even choose to match friends’ donations dollar for dollar. It even features an impact tracker that follows the progress of each nonprofit you helped to fund.
One Today is a perfect example of using social media for social impact. I give it two thumbs, WAY up!!


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