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Snapchat Spectacles Selling Online!

22 Feb , 2017  

Great news for all Snapchat fans! The need for chasing around yellow vending machines to try and grab a pair of the elusive Snapchat Spectacles is over! In November, I talked about how the only other option for snagging the glasses-  aside from tracking down a vending machine-  was paying $300 to $1000 on eBay. But now they can be purchased straight from the Spectacles’ website for $129.99.

Unfortunately, there is a drawback to buying the glasses straight from Snap Inc. and it is that the shipping time is a baffling 2-4 weeks! I know that this used to be a “standard shipping time,” but in today’s get-it-now world of Amazon Prime and next day delivery, that’s an eternity! While you are deciding if you can wait that long, the website has a fun QR code that you can scan within the Snapchat app to “try on” the Spectacles. Doing so will place the glasses on your face as a filter and by raising your eyebrows, you can change the colors. Maybe this will help people on the fence choose the right Spectacles color that looks best on them.

Are you excited to finally get your hands on a pair of these Spectacles? Whats the first thing you are going to film with your new pair?


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