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Snapchat Glasses?

7 Oct , 2016  

Love Snapchating your friends but hate always having your phone out? Wish you could Snapchat while still experiencing the moment? Well your dreams may be coming true!

The social media giant Snapchat is taking things in a new direction. The company has changed its name to Snap Inc. and early rumors have been confirmed that it is developing what it is are calling simply “Spectacles;” glasses with a video camera built into the frame. These will be able to capture 10 second long videos by simply tapping on the glasses. The camera is built with a 115° angle lens which records video that feels like you are seeing it with your own eyes. And, in my opinion, the best part is the automation.  Each video you take from the Spectacles will be uploaded to Snapchat via wifi or Bluetooth so you never have to take your phone out to Snapchat again!  

To be honest, at first I thought this whole idea was silly.  But my mind is starting to change!  Think about it, the old way (how it is now), you might be in a Snapchat-able moment and where you would have to search for your phone, unlock it, open Snapchat and then miss the memory.  Now, you just press the Spectacles button and capture the experience!

These new Snapchat Spectacles will be available this fall for $129.99.

Do you ever feel like you are taking to0 many pictures for Snapchat? Then this price tag may be nothing for being able to share your daily moments while also never having to leave them.


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