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Secret Tinder that’s for only the Hottest Users?!?!

22 Mar , 2017  

Could there be a dating app only for celebrities, CEO’s and beautiful men and women? Yup, an app just for the romantic 1% is here.  All this buzz is actually about a very exclusive, invite-only section on Tinder called “Tinder Select.” Tinder Select is reportedly only offered to the most attractive, successful and popular members of Tinder. Imagine never having a boring date again because all your dates are with different famous people and celebrities! Why wouldn’t you want to join?! Right now there are only two possible ways to join Tinder Select. Current Tinder users are sent an invite message from Tinder based on a secret algorithm that determines their “ranking” (so to speak) that qualifies them to join, or by a getting a nomination from someone who is already a Tinder Select member. Once you’ve been accepted into this exclusive few, you are able to toggle a filter on an off that allows you to switch between matching on Tinder Select or normal Tinder.

The company has kept this a pretty well-kept secret until recently when images were taken of the invite message and in-app filter option to switch between Tinder Select and Tinder were posted online. When asked to comment about Tinder Select the dating app company haven’t given a response.

Do you think this elite version of the dating app is a good or bad thing? Anyone out there on it?  Give us the scoop on it you’ve seen any celebs to swipe!


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