SB Brings in Big Numbers

3 Feb , 2014  

The numbers coming from AT&T; customers in the stands were higher than ever during 2014’s game. These are the results that they got from customers using the in-stadium DAS network:


Total data usage in the stadium was more than 624GBthe highest data usage we’ve ever seen from a pro football championship game. 624 GB is the equivalent to 1.8M social media posts with photos. 

The amount of content uploaded and downloaded skyrocketed. As a result of fans sending and receiving videos, photos, and more. In total, fans uploaded and downloaded the most data from 5-6pm EST, which is the hour directly before kick-off. During this hour 119GB crossed our in-stadium network.

In addition, customers made nearly 55,000 calls  

AT&T; Network at the Big Game infographic



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