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Say goodbye to Mailbox and Carousel: Best 3 backup plans for email apps

11 Dec , 2015  

Dropbox reported this week that they are CLOSING two of their apps, Mailbox and Carousel.
This is very sad news for a lot of people.
Carousel, a photo sharing system, will automatically transfer users’ photos over to Dropbox, so no one will lose access to their precious memories.
The over 1 million users of inbox management system, Mailbox, however, will have to find a new email app by end of February 2016, when the Mailbox app will be officially terminated.
It is kind of crazy to think that any of our beloved favorite apps could just be closed down on us!  No matter how small or trivial some of the apps seem to be, we get used to them.  We rely on them and – let’s face it – we store a TON of information in them.  So, it doesn’t really surprise me that a lot of people are totally bummed, if not angry, about the Mailbox app closing.
Lucky for you, I’ve scoured the app world and brought you the three best recommendations on next options for you inbox needs!
Most Similar To Mailbox: Spark by Readdle
Pros: Spark mirrors Mailbox’s “inbox zero” concept, with quick swiping input and customization.  It also mimics Mailbox’s app badges, allowing users to view a count for their whole, unarchived inbox, rather than just unread messages . If you liked those features of Mailbox, this is the best app for you.
Cons: Spark doesn’t have interfaces specifically for the iPad or Mac yet.  Readdle has said they are both in the works, but no news if they will be ready by February.
Most Tried-And-True Option: Microsoft Outlook
Pros: Microsoft Outlook is a longstanding email management system, so it is about as robust as it gets. There are very useful elements such as “Focused Inbox” which uses an algorithm to interpret which emails are personal and important and which are less urgent. And while the swiping capabilities are less advanced than Mailbox or Spark, you can do high level swipes to help inbox flow.
Cons: Outlook on iOS is free, but if you want to use it on your Mac, you have to pay either a one-time fee or for an Office 364 subscription.
Most Techie Choice: CloudMagic
Pros: CloudMagic is cutting edge new, but already boasts 3 million users.  The company also is releasing a Mac-specific version of the app shortly.  Like Mailbox, CloudMagic offers deep layers of customization in how you deal with incoming messages.
Cons: Mailbox users might miss the swiping capabilities, which are not a feature in CloudMagic.
Are you going to miss MAILBOX?  What is your preferred backup plan!?

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