Saving Cluttered Keychains Everywhere!

21 Sep , 2012  

Oh how I hate those customer reward key ring things. They just clutter up your key ring. And, if your key ring is like mine, it is already weighed down with a bunch of stuff I really need. Keys to the car. Keys for the security gate at home and office. Keys to open home, office and mom’s front door. Keys to my cousin’s house in case of an emergency. Keys, keys, keys. And they want you to add on all these other things that just get beat up and tired from being in your purse. If that isn’t annoying enough, when the check out person tells me brightly, “You saved $1.30.” Really! I just don’t believe it. Why don’t they just lower the prices? We all would appreciate that. But I guess we are stuck with them. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that there’s a great new app for these things: Key Ring. (Free on Android and iPhone)
This app is so easy and so useful, you will love it. With a beautiful user interface, Key Ring stores all your reward and loyalty cards in one quick and convienent location. Once inputted, you simply scan your phone in the store instead of carrying around all those cards on your key ring! For me, this is a major benefit. I tend to toss my keys in my bag fairly carelessly, so my cards tend to get worn-out and scuffed up. So trashing those little guys is getting rid of an eye sore! But this app is great even for people who aren’t reward card lovers. For example, you can register your gym membership card on the app or your library card for easy scan-and-go usage. 
Better yet, Mobestream Media (makers of Key Ring) works with local retailers to create new programs and get its users deeper discounts and more loyalty points! Cha-ching!


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