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Save Your Old Photographs!

14 Dec , 2016  

Every adult has photographs from their childhood.  Yes, I mean physical, printed photos, remember those!? Typically these photos make an appearance during the holiday season when the fam pulls out the old photo album. These memories are precious and need to be taken care of, but sadly most of us keep them stored in a shoebox somewhere in a closet. But now you can save your childhood photos so that you will always have them to cherish.

Backing up old photos has always been quite a chore. Photo scanners are painfully slow, require connection to computers and always seem to encounter tons of technical difficulties.  I’ve even given up and tried to simply take a picture of the photo with my phone, but there is always a pesky glare! 

Well, thank heavens for Google who has released a new app that makes converting your old photos a snap. All you need is your smartphone. The app is called PhotoScan and is free for both iPhone and Android devices. The app gets around the problem of glare on the photo by guiding the user to take pictures from different positions, then it is able to combine the best parts of all the pictures to create a glare-free memory every time!

The app is quick, easy and great for people who have a ton of old photos to backup. One note of warning is that the photo quality is not as strong as a digital scanner, so the photos won’t be able to be blown up large without becoming pixelated.  If high definition pictures is a must, then the slow scanning is still your best option.  But for everyday purposes, I’m sold!

How many old photos do you have laying around? Are any of them backed up? This holiday season make sure to save them forever!   

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