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8 Apr , 2016  

I’m not a runner.  I’m just NOT.  I know it is very en vogue right now to do marathons and love running… sorry.  BUT, I want to like it! So, naturally, I went about trying to find apps that will make me love running more!  So if you are like me and just trying to make running not seem so boring, or if you are an avid runner looking to mix up your routine, hopefully these apps can help!

MapMyRun: This app is a staple in the running world, with thousands of reviews on the AppStore and achieving the elusive FIVE STAR rating!  The app makes running social, even if you are by yourself!  You can search your area for other users’ running trails and even race their times. If you need an extra boost, the app has challenges and you can see where you stack up against other runners.

Bitgym: Some days you just can’t make it outside to a trail or the beach for a run.  But just because you are stuck inside on a treadmill doesn’t mean you have to stare at the boring gym walls!   Bitgym lets you choose from a collection beautiful trails videos that will speed up and slow down depending on your running speed via the camera on your phone or iPad. You can also set the videos to a constant speed and enjoy the outdoors while you forget you are on a treadmill.

RockMyRun: Most people like listening to music when they run but if your trying to stick to a constant pace, the different songs may throw you off your groove. The RockMyRun app is going to solve this problem!  This app has thousands of song mixes that will slow down or speed up to match your pace. The app even claims to be PROVEN to increase your motivation by 35%! I’m not sure how they can tell this, but I’m willing to give it a shot!

So, whose ready to lace up their sneakers? Let me know which app is your favorite and what your go-to pump up song is. On your mark, get set, go!


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