Rise, Shine and Check Your Phone!

16 Oct , 2013  

A recent Mashable article reported that over 80% of smartphone owners have checking an app in their morning routine! Could be checking their mail, the weather or the traffic, but the slogan “There’s an app for that” has even made its way into our groggy Monday mornings! Heck, I usually check my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds before I even get out of bed!!

I thought I’d enlighten us this morning with a few more apps that might be worth adding to your AM ritual.
1) SUNRISE (free)
Sunrise might be the answer for the morning multi-app checker! Two previous Foursquare employees developed this app which sends you a daily morning email that aggregates your Facebook Google Calendar, LinkedIn- basically all your daily happenings- into one concise “good morning” notification. Instantly see who’s birthday it is, the latest breaking news, and what you have on your calendar for the day.
2) TED (free)
Nothing like a morning inspirational talk to get you out of bed! On my groggiest mornings, I will tune into my TED app, which offers over 1200 videos on a vast array of topics that encourage, inspire and educate. Watching a video before you get out of bed puts you ahead of the game on the mission to “learn something new every day”.
3) HABITCLOCK (free)
So this app is BRAND new and will be released for download soon. I’ll followup with a commentary about it because I am really ready for this. HabitClock is an alarm clock that, of course, wakes you up on time, but also helps you add beneficial habits into your morning routine. It helps manage your morning by leading you thorough your line list of activities that you pre-load into the app. The user interface looks very intuitive, easy to navigate and pretty to look at, all helpful and essential quality for my pre-coffee morning brain!
Do you have any other apps that are essential to your morning routine? Let us in on the secret!



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