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25 Mar , 2016  

I was channel surfing last night and came across the movie Click.  If you haven’t had the life-changing pleasure of watching this film (sarcasm noted), I will enlighten you that it is about a remote control that controls EVERYTHING in the world of Adam Sandler’s character.  Say what you want about the movie, but it got me thinking about how AMAZING life would be with one of these remotes!  Well, prepare for life to get a lot better!  I’ve found 3 apps that will turn your phone into the universal remote of your dreams.

I always find myself with my computer across the room playing Netflix or music and whenever I need to pause or skip I have to walk all the way across the room just to click the mouse. Thanks to the Remote Mouse FREE app, I now have a solution for these lazy moments.  This genius app lets your phone become your computer’s mouse and keyboard! Enjoy binging on your favorite show or your favorite playlists without moving a muscle. This app is for both iPhones and Android and works with any computer with and internet connection.

Controlling your computer is a nice start, but what about your entire house?! These days, Wifi connections are finding their way into more and more household objects and soon everything will be connected. With the Simple Control app you can connect to all the Wifi devices in your home: TVs, satellite boxes, Blu-ray players, lights, thermostats, and more. The app is very simple, you can add devices and organize them until you’re on your way to controlling your whole life with just your phone. This app is $9.99

Let me know which one of these remote apps is a game changer for you. And maybe we should all start buying every new appliances that has a Wifi connection! Enjoy your new remotes!

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