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Reddit’s New App

27 May , 2016  

Reddit junkies around the world are breathing a bit easier now that Reddit has released it’s first official app.  Fans have been asking for this for awhile, and now that it is finally here, the app has been getting some mixed reviews.  Let’s take a look at the new app’s features and you can decide for yourself….

The new app (available on both iOS and Android) is easy to navigate and has a very streamlined appearance.  Many aspects of the user experience are great: load times are super quick and the scrolling through posts is responsive. The amount of posts that are on the screen at one time can be increased by clicking the three dots in the upper right of the screen and choosing “compact view”, which is nice to quickly skim over a lot of new posts. I’m also a big fan of the “Reddit night” theme option, which you can access in settings.  This makes the screen the perfect appearance to browse posts at the end of the day when you should be sleeping!

But things aren’t all perfect. Some Redditors are saying that the current app takes a lot of clicks to get to different content. When trying to watch a YouTube video, for example, clicking on the video doesn’t play the actual video, but sends you to YouTube’s site where you will watch the video. I agree that this can be a hassle over time, especially when you are looking at a lot of posts, but more changes and updates are coming soon, so this problem will be fixed in no time!

Overall, I’d recommend the app! IMHO, the best part of Reddit is reading every posts’ comments and hearing peoples ideas and added opinions on the topics.   This app has an exciting new feature, a button that allows you to skip from one top comment to the next so you never have to continually scroll or close comments to get to the next one! Reading comments has never been so easy!

How do you guys feel about Reddit’s new app? What updates would you like to see?

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