PUNCHCARD can get you extra rewards for the holidays!

16 Nov , 2012  

Ho. Ho. Ho. The holiday season is upon us. With only a week until Thanksgiving, I can almost hear the jingle bells in the distance. Oh, wait. Maybe that’s cash registers bling-blinging. For those of you that are dreading the blizzard of credit card bills that always accompanies the holidays, have I got an app for you!

Its called PUNCHCARD and its free on GooglePlay and iTunes. Think of PUNCHCARD like that little piece of paper you carry around that gives you a free coffee every so often. Except PUNCHCARD lets you create a digital version of that loyalty card just about anywhere you might shop.
So how does it work? I’ll give you an example. There is a Smoothie Shop next to my house that I love. Everytime I purchase a smoothie, I snap a picture of my receipt through the PUNCHCARD app. This automatically scans my receipt and adds that purchase as a “punch” on my Smoothie Shop punchcard. After ten punches, I get a reward! The rewards vary from cash to freebies to giftcards.
My two favorite things:
– You can create a punchcard for literally anywhere you buy something. I am amazed at all the places that this app integrates. The mom-and-pop tailor that hems my pants, Starbucks, Ralph’s, my favorite hole-in-the-wall taco stand. How do they do it!?
– It’s basically free money just for scanning a receipt!
– I can throw away my receipts and all of those coffee-stained loyalty cards currently in my wallet.
Two things I hope they change:
– You need a different punchcard (you can store as many as you like on the account) for each LOCATION, not just each store. For example, I have a separate punchcard for the CVS near work and the CVS near my house. I could rack up punches faster if they were joined!!
– Reward checks come via snail mail. So 1999.  I guess you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth (BTW, what does that mean?  Anyone know?)  Well, I can’t complain about free money, but I can complain about the old fashioned snail mail to get your reward to you!  Love the reward idea but don’t love waiting 4 weeks for my check to arrive!

But if you start punching now, the rewards could be flying in come December!!
Have you tried Punchcard? I’m curious, have you found anywhere it doesn’t work!? I challenge you to try!


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