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Productivity Apps

16 Jan , 2017  

Everyone wants to have more free time to do the things they love. The best way to have more “me time” is to crank up your productivity. Here are three apps that help get things done so you can get back to what makes you happy!

Time– While there are countless apps that digitize your to-do-list, Time pushes you to finish your list by setting time limits for each activity.  Let’s say you allot ten minutes to do the dishes and you get sidetracked, the app will alarm after your time limit and continue counting to show you how much extra time you have wasted. This is a great app to keep you on a timeline and help to hold yourself accountable. The app also uses AI to learn more about your behavior the longer you use the app. For example, if you consistently take too long getting ready in the morning, the app will suggest that you give yourself an extra five minutes. Time costs $0.99 on iPhones, which is a small price to pay to get things done on time!

Reminders WidgetHave you used a list on your phone while grocery shopping or doing chores? Isn’t it annoying having to unlock your phone after each task?! Well, now you wont have to! The Reminders Widget for iPhone allows you to view your tasks, lists and events, all in the Reminder app without unlocking your phone. Now you check off your grocery list or remember that you have an important meeting all from the lock screen! This will help your productivity because you won’t be tempted to spend time on Facebook or Instagram after you unlock your phone. The app is normally $1.99 but it’s actually available on a limited time special, for free! 

ScannableI saved the best for last! Scanning and sharing documents can be such a pain. Finding a working printer (which is almost an oxymoron) and then formatting and attaching the form to an email, takes a good fifteen minutes! There has got to be a better way. With the Scannable app, you can scan any document in seconds! You have the option to save images to your camera roll or in Evernote were you can export them as JPGs or PDFs! That’s not all, this app can also scan business cards and turn them directly into usable contacts! Never lose a business card from that important contact or waste the time typing all the specifics into your phone. Scannable saves you the time and hassle! Scannable is free for iPhone and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Hope these help you get back some “me time!” Do you have any other favorite productivity apps to add to the list?

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