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Pro Tips For Wi-Fi Anywhere!

24 Feb , 2016  

Pro-Tips for Wi-Fi Hunting

I am always out and about, but I want to stay connected and share my moments with my friends and family. This means I need to find Wi-Fi or I could be paying insane amounts for data usage. Here are the apps I use to keep my Wi-Fi free and myself in the loop when I’m on the go.

Free Wifi Map– First things first, I have to find a place with free Wi-Fi, and now it’s easier than ever! This awesome app shows me places near me with Wi-Fi.  I can see which offerings are free and even get the latest passwords for any protected sites or guest networks!

Wifinder app– Ok, so you luck out and find yourself in free Wi-Fi heaven, you have multiple free Wi-Fi signals to choose from, but which one is the best? Guess no longer with Wifinder app! This app shows the strength of all available Wi-Fi networks at the same time. Now you are not only connected, but also connected on the best possible choice!

Wifi Network Analyzer– One last step for those that really want to get the best Wi-Fi connection wherever they are, this works anywhere at home and on the road. With the Wifi Network Analyzer, you can see a very responsive meter of how strong the signal is from your current location. Wi-Fi can be blocked by walls and weakened by distance, and you don’t always know where a router is when you’re on the go.  Wherever you find yourself, you can walk around and see where the strongest signal is to pick out the sweet spot for that Wi-Fi connection. Finally, have the fast free Wi-Fi of your dreams!

Now you are a Wi-Fi pro!! You are welcome and happy Wi-Fi hunting!

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